She is Oceanborn’s Librettist and co-lyricist. Morgan also writes fiction (a few books and more than a few short stories) while studying English at Bryn Mawr College.

Morgan is twenty years old and has grown up all over the East Coast, from farms in Virginia and Maine to a cabin in Connecticut.

Morgan began her writing career by writing 20 pages of a story in ninth grade, quitting in favor of a competitive gymnastics career, retiring from gymnastics at the ripe old age of seventeen and finishing her first novel. Since then she has written four more novels, all of them about badass women.

Her short fiction has been published in the US and internationally, winning awards in national contests like the Faulkner Literary Competition. She currently works as an intern for a non-profit pushing for diversity in entertainment, which has reinvigorated her desire to write diverse stories. She has attended the Yale Writer’s Conference and the Kenyon Writer’s Conference among others.

Her favorite movie is anything by Wes Anderson. Like Mhairi, her favorite food is hummus. Needless to say, many tubs of hummus were consumed during the making of this musical. Her favorite author vacillates between Vladimir Nabokov, Kurt Vonnegut, C.S Lewis, and J.K Rowling, depending on the day.

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