Oceanborn: A New Musical

Oceanborn follows two young women as they face the pressures and expectations of future leadership in a climate of violence and uncertainty. Eira, a Viking warrior and next Chief of her tribe, struggling to overcome the prejudice against female leaders in her culture. Finn, the daughter of a Celtic fisherman, wishes desperately to escape the pressures of leadership to wander the world. When a failed raid leaves Eira abandoned, assumed dead, on her shore, Finn is face-to-face with the violent narrative that killed her parents. As an unlikely friendship blossoms between these two young women, wicked ministrations by the trickster god Gideon bring about a series of violent events.

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The Way Home

The Way Back

Sister, Lover, Monster

Sunflower, Starlight

Represented by Lindsay Leggett




Ogygia is a modern queer retelling of the Greek myth of Calypso set in an inpatient psych ward. It is performed on a split stage, with the left side depicting what is happening in the real world and the right side showing Calypso’s inner thoughts and fantasy world, what she refers to as the forest. Half of the play is written in traditional dialogue (World Calypso), while Calypso’s consciousness (Forest Calypso) narrates in spoken word poetry.

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